Video Game Development Club

Game Highlight

Rear-View Shooter

Phillips Albright and Chloe Roberts

Made during the Fall 2021 game jam with the theme of Mirror, Mirror, this game adds a new twist to the fps genre by having the player's gun only able to shoot backward. With zombies roaming around, the player must adjust to this strange new gun and figure out how to survive. If you would like to try Rear-View Shooter for yourself, you can find it here: Rear-View Shooter.

Who We Are

The mission of The Video Game Development Club at North Carolina State University (VGDC at NCSU) is to provide an environment in which students can practice and grow in disciplines related to the development of video games. 

This mission will encompass professional development, the development of personally fulfilling skills, and the formation of creative interests.

If you wish to contact us, you can email us at

Meet the Officer Board

Jack Grace


Nyela Allen

Vice President

Jayden Sansom

Communications Officer

Phillips Albright


Thomas Gelman

Branding Officer

Duncan Glynn


Max Eddington

General Officer

Carson Cole

General Officer

Camden MacIver

General Officer

Lainey Harding

General Officer

Meeting Info


We hope to see you there!

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