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Cookie Critters

Jayden Sansom, Nyela Allen, Gloria Chien, Katherine Ryan

Cookie Critters is a pet raising simulator in which you play mini games to help grow your critter into a fully fledged cookie! This game was made for the VGDC X WICS Femme Game Jam over the course of 2 days. The theme for this game jam was "Cookie," demonstrated in this project through the art direction and general theming of the game. Give this project a play to check out its impressive pixel art and relaxing gameplay loop!

Play the game here: Cookie Critters

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The mission of The Video Game Development Club at North Carolina State University (VGDC at NCSU) is to provide an environment in which students can practice and grow in disciplines related to the development of video games. 

This mission will encompass professional development, the development of personally fulfilling skills, and the formation of creative interests.

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